Government action is plain for all to see

There are few efforts at dissimulating what are clearly illegal actions by our governments. The question is why, if things like the housing market or the general economy are improving, do we still need to support Fannie and Freddie or, for that matter, why we are still allowing banks to disregards mark to market rules. More importantly, why are our governments still engaging in Quantitative Easing which in effect is nothing but buying paper from yourself with currency you’ve just created yourself.

More to the point. If Quantitative Easing was such a good idea, then why not engage in the practice on a regular basis? Surely if QE is a viable strategy, then we could just do it every day of every week of every month of every year. Soon, poverty would be a thing of the past, everyone would have enough food to satiate their hunger and nobody other than the creators of the currency would really need to work for a living. Problem solved.


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