MY PC hard drive failed

For the second time in ten months, my PC’s hard drive  has failed with the loss of most data. Thankfully, since the first failure I began saving a number of important documents online but the loss of online time and of whatever data was left on the system does nonetheless create significant inconvenience. Both PCs were branded; the first one was an IBM desk top mahcine. The second an HP laptop. Both were purchased new. Both ran antivirus and firewall programs.

I am now switching to Apple products; something I never thougth I’d do, let alone have to do.


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One Response to “MY PC hard drive failed”

  1. David W. Lincoln Says:

    Guido, there is a joke that dates back to 1998. God summons Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, and Boris Yeltsin that the world will end in 3 days, and for they to prepare their people.

    Clinton makes the first announcement that he has good news and bad news. The good news is, God is real. The bad news is, the world will end in 3 days.

    Yeltsin then makes an address from the Kremlin. He says he has bad news and more bad news. First of all, God is real, and secondly the world will end in 3 days.

    And then Gates makes his statement, that he has good news and more good news. First hee says that God thinks that he is one of the 3 most important people on the earth, and secondly that his people don’t have
    to worry about the bugs in Windows 98 much longer. 🙂

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