Gold saying something

The price of gold bullion is advancing in all major trading currencies.[s180955852]&disp=O

Of particular interest, on page 3, check out the volume in the Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc and Australian Dollar trades.

Remember – nothing gets the attention of the “authorities” like common mortals accumulating gold. If you are unhappy at the way our leaders are managing our economies and our countries, accumulating gold is the fastest, most effective and thoroughly legal way to take concrete action to force government to change.


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3 Responses to “Gold saying something”

  1. David W. Lincoln Says:

    Guido, I am sorry that you say it is the case. I take it the comment above is your response to the 1998 piece by David Frum about Indonesia should not have a currency board. For, I see an alternative that is possible.

  2. guidoamm Says:

    In my opinion, there is no suitable alternative to a fiat monetary system.

    A value based monetary system is too cumbersome and slow to adapt. In a value based system, you have to locate, extract, convey, refine and distribute whatever product it is that backs the currency. Hence, a value based monetary system has huge temporal and material constraints.

    A fiat monetary system is flexible and adaptable.

    Incidentally, a value based monetary system too can be gamed. There are ways to debase gold coins. The common link in the debasement of currencies though, is always inflation. And the result of the end of the secular inflationary cycle is always and everywhere the devastation of the economy and war.

    In a context of competing nation states, inflation is inevitable. It is most assuredly inevitable in a democracy and, although it does not have to be so, it becomes inevitable in an autocracy too.

  3. David W. Lincoln Says:

    The contagion has spread, and frankly a lot of people have to be retired or placed in front of a firing squad.

    There are people who, I expect, are thinking of an alternative monetary system to the fiat monetary system in place at this time. Well, if they think they can do it on their own, they are mistaken.

    So, alternatives to the entrenched need to be more visible. Whether the alternative is a flying university (like what Poland had under the hammer & sickle) so that students are exposed more often to Cicero, and Mortimer Adler, rather than Antonio Gramsci. More churches to point to what never changes, instead of the status quo, and so forth.

    Between the mess the Western world finds itself in these days, and the phenomenon of a rolling stone gathers no moss, being demonstrated by Ankara, we don’t have much time to effect change.

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