White House planning to use TARP

You can’t make this stuff up…


Budget experts said committing some TARP funds toward debt reduction could help calm concerns about the size and intent of the program.


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3 Responses to “White House planning to use TARP”

  1. David W. Lincoln Says:

    Waiting for a critical mass of the governed doesn’t sit well with me, Guido, because a lot of needless pain will have been experienced. So, are the financial reporters which see things the way you describe them, are they comparing notes to develop an alternative? Is this being encouraged, other than here?

    Because, as I fear, the only monetary system which has insulated itself from the fiat monetary system you describe, is the shariah finance system.

    Therefore, an alternative is necessary, and frankly it would be easier to employ a two pronged approach, for as I replied earlier to another entry, capitalism which generates wealth depends on employment, mobility of labour and capital, free markets, international law, sanctity of contracts, availability of credit, negotiable securities and liquid wealth.
    Therefore, both are needed, and when both are in place, both goals are achieved sooner rather than later.

    For there is so much that would result in the likes of Obama being sent to the firing squad.

  2. David W. Lincoln Says:

    Guido, my thinking, as you well know, is this: Cashier the entire apparatus inside the Beltway. Make Michael Walker the chief of monetary policy, Michael Ledeen of foreign policy, General Petraueus the chief of military policy, and run the alternative to the Beltway the way the
    first cabinet was constructed. For that was a small cabinet.

    Because the deformed souls, zombies and other assorted ilk, with their paws on the levers of government inside the Beltway, are not at all interested in correcting the errors they are making.

    • guidoamm Says:

      Trouble is you cant just walk up to Patreus, Ledeen or anyone else and ask them if they’d like to be members of an alternative government. You would not come across as a sane person.

      You have to approach this in steps. First current governments have to be discredited. In part this will happen anyway as the deflationary forces bear down on government finances blowing all the unsavory deals out of the water. People can further speed the process along by accumulating gold and silver bullion. Accumulating bullion is the surest and quickest way to precipitate a reckoning of government finances…. AND IT IS LEGAL…. of course, if, as has happened before, governments should prohibit individuals from purchasing and/or trading in gold, then you’d know we are in a world of hurt… but till then, accumulating bullion drives a stake through the heart of the financial system as well as government finances legally.

      Once governments are widely discredited across segments of society (and assuming we are not already in a world war by then), then you could form a party and try to rally society around you.

      Other than that, people won’t take you seriously. I mean, look around you. Look at all the people that still think that government can resolve the situation. Look at all the people that have put their hopes in the hands of the unions. UNIONS??? For Pete’s sake. Professional economists, politicians and bankers can’t see that we’ve entered a deflationary cycle and you expect unions to be any more clued in? Unions are one of the forces that will precipitate the bankruptcy of States and Counties thus, eventually, of the Federal Government.

      No! People are not yet aware of what has befallen them. There are signs of an awakening but that’s all they are; signs. We’ve a long way to go yet.

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