More Western hypocrisy (or is it ignorance)

The main stream press catching up on some issues:

Somali pirates: Western boat “loot” Somali fish

You gotta love the quotation marks that AP puts around the word “loot” indicating their contempt for the opinion of the Somalis as if (against the historical record of the past two millennia) looting was something the West could not countenance.

But it is true. We are looting the resources of those countries that have no legislation in place to stop us. I already pointed out as much in this post I penned last April.

Lest you should think that this is only one journalist’s opinion, I tell you that empirical evidence supports the depletion of food staples and of fish stock. European fishermen have to journey farther and longer just to take home a catch that is diminishing in quantity and specimen size. European trawlers venture well south along the  coasts of Africa as the devastation is expanded from our shores to those of countries that as yet have no legislation in place to prevent the raping and pillaging of their natural resources. But then when the Somalis for example try to extract a living from passing ships, they are labeled “pirates”.”

I know first hand the havoc we have wreaked on our own environment. You may remember I lived on the beach outside of Rome in the 70s. Already then, I remember the fish stocks of the Mediterranean being depleted by industrial fishing trawlers that were progressively fishing closer to the shore. So close to shoare in fact, that we could swim out to them. They did that because the catch of fully grown fish in deeper waters was getting smaller and smaller and they had to make do with a catch of younger specimens which, being smaller, dictated to haul a greater number of specimen to achieve the same weight quota simultaneously devastating the spawning grounds in shallower waters.

Once again. The depletion of our natural resources can be directly linked to our deliberate inflationary policies. And though I don’t excuse the actions of the Somalis eking a living as they can, I most certainly understand they too have to satisfy their human needs of survival.

Check out the closing paragraphs in the article:

Helene Bours, an expert on fisheries in Africa who works as a consultant for non-governmental organizations in Africa and Europe, said she was skeptical that international overfishing in Somalia had a significant effect on the rise of piracy.

“The extent to which the piracy business has developed is way beyond a few fishermen turning (into) pirates,” she said.

Bours most international ships operated far from the Somali coast in order to bring in deep-sea fish, and would not be competing with smaller Somali fishing boats working closer to shore. She cautioned however, that the lack of reliable information from the chaotic country made any assessment unreliable.

Sharmarke said he was aware of extensive foreign fishing off Somalia’s coast.

“I shall not name names, but suffice to say many countries are fishing illegally in Somali waters,” he said. “We estimate that the value of the fish being taken from our waters is perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Pirate attacks have increased the last several weeks after the recent end of the monsoon season. An international armada is patrolling the region to try to stop the attacks.

What a bunch of crock from the “expert”. I’ve been to Guinea Bissau personally and I’ve been to Western Sahara personally. I have seen first hand the trawlers trawling close to shore as they did in the 70s outside of Rome in Italy. I know for a fact for example, that the government of Guinea Bissau used to perceive a few hundred thousand Dollars from the European Union for allowing EU trawlers unfettered access to their coastal waters. I also know that each trawler hauls a yearly catch that is worth several million Dollars on Western markets.

What a bunch of crock!


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