Ian Plimer Prof Earth Science

Author of the book: Heaven and Earth



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3 Responses to “Ian Plimer Prof Earth Science”

  1. David W. Lincoln Says:

    Plus, there is this: http://www.coaps.fsu.edu/~maue/tropical/

    How many climate change alarmists would countenance this? Is none too high?

  2. David W. Lincoln Says:

    Ah, yes, Professor Plimer. Yet another one, like Lord Monckton, who is treated like a dhimmi by the climate change alarmists. The peddlers of politicized science are using the tactics of the Sons of Allah. Those not of the clan are not allowed to place those of the clan into a defensive posture, in order to react. The clan can only initiate, and the only have 3 avenues: 1 – Conversion, 2 – Dhimmitude, 3 – execution.

    To make it clear, the climate change alarmists = peddlers of politicized science.

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