Saudi Arabia (human rights)

I needn’t remind any of you that 13 of the identified and/or caught 9/11 hijackers, alleged accomplices and would-be hijackers were Saudi nationals.

The question is why are we fighting a war in Afghanistan?

Can you enumerate even some of the reasons our governments have given us in order to justify sending our troops to Afghanistan? If you can, should you not wonder whether, since we already are astride our high moral horse, we shouldn’t send our troops somewhere else too?

If you can’t remember why we are in Afghanistan surely you remember that:

– In 2002, when a school for girls in Saudi Arabia caught fire, the Religious Police decided it was preferable to lock the students inside the burning building condemning them to certain death rather than compromise the honor of the students’ families by allowing them out in public wearing only their night gowns instead of the Muslim attire. We are talking here of the year 2002… not 1502… this is about seven years ago folks….

– There is no freedom of worship in Saudi Arabia. There are no churches, synagogues or temples of any other denomination than Islamic… and there too, only Sunni Islamic worship is allowed.  Considering that Saudi society is only marginally competent and negligibly willing to work, the entire economy is operated by foreign nationals that have to risk severe punishment including lashes, jail time if not outright decapitation, if they so much as attempt to worship their chosen God.

– 2002 was a particularly prolific year in the wondrous land of Saudi Arabia. That same year, some Dr. Umayma Ahmad Al Jalahma published a “scholarly” article in the government’s main propaganda daily Al-Riyadh stating that Jews drink the blood of non Jewish adolescents to celebrate one of their holidays.

So, why is it that we are in Afghanistan exactly?


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One Response to “Saudi Arabia (human rights)”

  1. David W. Lincoln Says:

    We are fighting in Afghanistan because it is smaller than the Arabian Peninsula, and because Afghanistan does not export oil. That is the extent of the distinctions. In both places the reality of one standard for all is refuted by the practice of all are equal, but some are more equal than others, when it comes to the redressing of being on the receiving end of man’s inhumanity to man. A Muslim will receive more compensation, than an adherent of another faith tradition, or of no faith tradition, in a court in a
    country that has more than half the population adhering to Islam. Or any other setting.

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