Fraud is no longer in question

There is no question fraud is a deliberate and necessary policy of state. A fiat monetary system virtually guarantees that, eventually, government becomes the largest actor in the economy in an attempt to sustain a positive inflation trajectory. But as a dynamic that is exponential in nature that conforms to the law of diminishing returns, inflation has a limit. As the limit is approached, fiduciary duty is gradually abandoned and fraud becomes increasingly a necessity for the survival of the state. That is the truth Brooksley Born stumbled upon but could not rationalize. Most people alive today have no idea what a monetary system is, what it is meant to do, how it is supposed to work let alone what the risks are.

The only question today is knowing when people will have had enough. The end of the inflationary cycle progressively uncovers the illegal shenanigans concocted and perpetrated over the years. Once enough people will be unemployed, homeless, hungry and angry, public sentiment will progressively become less tolerant towards what by then will be perceived as an evil profiteering elite.

Till now there is nothing that is being openly discussed and officially planned that makes me think we can avoid a global conflict by 2013/2015. At this rate, civil unrest is virtually guaranteed in the West in the next few months. Politicians know that civil unrest will cause the fall of governments and they are nowhere near ready to either relinquish power or admit that, in fact, we are not the holders of the moral high ground that we would like the world to think we are.


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