Tic… toc… tic… toc…

When you are in a jam, you tend to do silly things like this:


.. that make you say stupid things like: ” Mr Osborne also said that he would stop paying tax credits to households with incomes of more than £50,000 by introducing a means test, saving £400 million a year, and signalled the end of Child Trust Funds for everyone but the poorest third and the disabled. ”

Means testing? Would that not add one more layer of administration therefore at least partially evaporating whatever money you would be saving? And, anyway, merely mentioning the idea of means testing is going to set people’s gray cells in motion to find ways to game the system. Why is it the politicians think that adding improvised regulation at time of crisis should make things any better? Just let the banks fail and be done with it. The sooner we get done with the pain the better off we will be. This is the equivalent of death by a thousand cuts… moron…

Anyway. The above brings things like this:


As the pace of strikes and demonstrations picks up in a developing deflationary crisis, civil disobedience is not far off.


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