Curtailing public spending as precursor to war II

As laid out here, here or here and elsewhere on the blog, this is the stuff revolutions are made of.

As unemployment rises, the loss of tax revenue means that public expenditure must be progressively curtailed. When you have large segments of the populations that are out of work and your are unable to provide the services they thought they were entitled to, civil unrest follows in short order.

Western governments cannot afford civil unrest of any degree because in light of the economic devastation we have suffered in the past two years any social uprising will not only bring down government but it will also spread to other countries like wildfire.

So far, we are still on track for a world war. The “reason” for war will not matter in the least. We just need a war not only to absorb the unemployed but also to destroy global industrial capacity so we may restart the inflationary cycle.

California university protests

Thousands line up for utility bill assistance


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