Chipping away at the Vatican one vicar at the time… about time too…

Consider the number of scandals that have come to light only in the recent past and only within the Catholic church.

Now consider the fact that said scandals and allegations have only cropped up in countries where there is a legislative and judicial framework that allows victims to report such abuse and sometime to prosecute the abuser.

Now, take a moment and think.

Think of all those countries where the Catholic church operates (because the Vatican like any organization or organized religion “operates”) and where there is no legislative or judicial framework to allow anything similar to happen.

That’s right. That would be most of the world.

Now think of all the abuse that is most assuredly going on in Africa, in South America or South East Asia and that we may never hear about.

Absolute power, opacity and/or divine immunity is a combination made in hell. This is so for religion as it is for government.

Beware the man wearing the cloth. As someone said some time ago: chastity makes the church grow fondlers.


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