Real life shot by shot…

As go individual States…

Alabama area reeling in face of fiscal crisis

State Shortfalls across US total 160Billion,0,4552111.story

So (eventually) goes the Federal Government…

And since there is really only little difference between individuals, corporations, states or the Federal Government, eventually, this is the only solution to fix things….

Alabama’s Jefferson County Makes Massive Job Cuts –

As all the above develops (and don’t forget the elephant in the room: California)  the power elite is concerned that regulators might stop the flow of wealth to the banks and insiders….

Gaithner Vents at Regulators as Overhaul Stumbles

… because anything sensible like this would put an immediate stop to the criminal actions of the politicians and the bankers…

FDIC Tells Banks to Recognize Losses Promptly

How anyone could not believe we are being set up for a world war is beyond me. Can you not see that by the end of 2009 we’ll have to contend with real unemployment at 30% across the board in the West? How do you think all those people walking the streets with no job, barely sufficient food and, likely, no house are going to feel as all the scandals and the shenanigans of the power elite continue to surface?

I say that after several bouts of civil unrest and a few dead citizens here and there, we’ll find ourselves in a fully fledged world war.

I hope I am wrong and you can take me to task five years from now.


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2 Responses to “Real life shot by shot…”

  1. guidoamm Says:

    The Alabama situation is no more crazy than what is happening in Florida, California or Nevada… or Spain, Italy and the UK for that matter….
    What is important is that this is a secular shift. We have pretty much reached the limit of the expansion we can bring about by inducing inflation in the system. Once the money multiplier is below 1, we can “stimulate” all you want but money will not circulate. At this point, gargantuan borrowing will simply nuke the monetary system. Inflation is characteristically exponential and limited arithmetically. In a fiat monetary system, you can only keep the system going if you bring in new contributors to the inflationary dynamic. Hence, the abrogation of Bretton Woods in the 60s, then the Euro, then globalization. Today, there are no more players we can bring into the system and we’ve pushed the limits of what GDP expansion inflation can engender. Every new round of stimulus brings us closer to total obliteration of the modern monetary system… and war… a world war to be exact.

  2. Survive Unemployment Says:

    It does seem like things are going to get quite intense, doesn’t it. The Alabama situation is crazy.

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