Fraud reporting

As shown here, here, here and proven here with charts, and in many other posts on my blog, in a fiat monetary system, inflation is the reason sine-qua-non of the existence of the system and therefore, the state. Inflation is a dynamic that is both exponential in nature and limited mathematically. Inflation pulls forward and compresses in time industrial capacity Рi.e. as the inflationary dynamic develops, savings are depleted, debt increases and demand and production accelerate faster than otherwise would be the case. No other entity accumulates more debt than government, particularly the government of the hegemonic power. As inflation is an exponential dynamic (i.e. you always need more inflation in order to bring about the same or greater expansion of GDP) it conforms to the law of diminishing returns.  Thus, once you are past the peak beneficial effect of the inflationary dynamic, government has a vested interest in inducing ever greater degrees of inflation at fist legally but as the effects of inflation wane, then also illegally.


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