Gov’t Pressuring BAC to Revamp?

Of cour”se you need not be reminded that Bank of America had been “induced” by our “leaders” to “merge” with Merril Lynch and Countrywide Financial thereby creating a financial behemoth… do you… ??? If you remember that, you’ll love the following excerpt:

The federal regulators have advised Bank of America Corp. (NYSE: BACNews) to revamp its board of directors, according to a report published in the Wall Street Journal this morning.

Per the report, the government officials also suggested that independent directors lead a reshuffling of the board, and that the board ‘needed more members with banking experience.‘ ”

Did you catch that? Bush, Paulson and Bernanke knowingly and willingly turned BAC into a financial behemoth and now, months after the fact, they think it could be a good idea to have more people with banking experience onboard.

Keep stashing bullion folks.


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