‘Tarp cop’ launches probes into bail-out fraud


Neil Barofsky – described at a Senate finance committee hearing as the “Tarp cop” – estimated the US had spent or lent almost $3,000bn of taxpayers’ money to aid banks and other companies, which would “inevitably attract those seeking to profit criminally”.


Based on the axiom that you can only look for something if you know what you are looking for, Mr. Barofsky expects that “criminals” will be attratect by TARP money. Consequently, Mr. Barowsky will be looking in the direction of criminals coming in from the outside… and will most likely find some fall guy along the way.

In my opinion, Mr. Barofsky would do better to operate under Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle that (very roughly) pertains to the duality of certain entities. If Mr. Barofsky could entertain the thought of duality, then he might also entertain the thought that the criminals may not be coming in from the outside but, rather, the criminals are already on the inside having engineered TARP. The criminals are working from the inside out.


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