War’s abrewing….

With unemployment numbers like these, who needs peace?


Does North Korea have nukes? Does Iran? Are we going to fight terrorism in Afghanistan so we don’t have to fight it at home? Is Sudan a hot bed of malicious anti Western terrorists?… Maybe… but that’s all smoke and mirrors.

Here is what you need to know. The West’s industrialized nations are bankrupt. Bankrupt means that we are unable to service our debt; it means that our income is insufficient to pay interest on what we borrowed as individuals, corporations or governments. Bankrupt also means that those government functions society takes for granted (mail delivery, public transport, administrative functions) must be curtailed and/or stopped.

It is not good to be a Western industrialized nation if you are plagued by those undesirable economic and social conditions that are more often associated with dinky African banana republics. It is most unbecoming. Most unbecoming indeed.

Can the West, as self proclaimed holder of the moral high ground, defender of the (Keynesian) faith, lord of the earth and master of the universe declare bankruptcy and, in one fell swoop, admitting that, in fact, we are no more righteous than your garden variety Mugabe?

I think not.

Till such time that someone, somewhere finds a way to get inflation going again, I can guarantee you that our “leaders” are working on starting a war somewhere soon. Soon means in the next few months … before 2015…

And here’s the rub. There is no way on earth anyone can get inflation going again in the face of rising unemployment. No way. And Western politicians will be damned if they will let the great unwashed know what clusterfuck they have wrought.

So war it is.

Got bullion?


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