ECB attacks G20 plan to boost IMF drawing rights to pump cash into global economy

… well, not quite the ECB but certainly someone within the ECB. Namely, Mr. Jürgen Stark, the ECB’s chief economist and Germany’s member on the bank’s executive board.

As outlined in previous comments like this one for example, a world currency is a dangerous thing. It is dangerous to individual liberty it is dangerous economically and it is dangerous socially and politically.

What is regrettable across the global political spectrum is the total lack of rationality and the egregious abandonment of fiduciary duty in favor of expedient political actions aimed at keeping the real criminals in place as they loot and plunder whatever wealth may be left.

It is comforting that though a minority, people like Mr. Jurgen Stark and Mr. Vaclav Klaus still do exist and still put up resistance where and when possible. These are the leaders that deserve to be supported by the public.


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