Brutal Law Strips Afghan Women of Rights


I’m just a common mortal and it’s probably best that I should be. I am not privvy to the machinations of states and politicians as I’m not aware of the schemes that are concocted, hatched and foisted upon the masses as so much pablum. But I know this.

The West’s intervention in Afghanistan (as any intervention of a sovereign state in the affairs of another) is a boondoggle by any other name.

The recorded history of the West’s intervention in Afghanistan should suffice to elicit a degree of doubt in the mind of most politicians as to the necessity and the moral right of sticking our noses where they really don’t belong. But beyond empirical evidence, in the age of Political Correctness when the calls for self determination are strident, here we go trying to subvert what is essentially a social and political framework that we have decided must be brought more in line with ours.

Afghanistan has seen the back of numerous invading armies over the centuries and short of a wholesale nuclear holocaust that would turn the entire region into a glass parking lot, they will see the backs of ours.

Who are we to go tell people what an acceptable social order should or should not be. Who are we to go and try to subvert social practices that have persisted over millenia and that, moreover, are widely accepted by the indigenous population? Who are we to take unilateral “pity” on a people that we have decided are oppressed and not happy?

I can hear you muttering: “slavery… oppression… human rights…”. Here’s the skinny. I’ve seen slavery and oppression and guess what. I’ve witnessed slavery and oppression sanctioned by Western states and “international law” and perpetrated by white Westerners within the context of transnational commercial companies such as international chain hotels; yup! All the big brands you an think of. During my time in recruitment, the thing to do for hotels operating in regions of the world outside the West and outside regulated markets (such as in Dubai for example) was to go on recruitment campaigns in Moldova for example. There, they would recruit buxom blonds for as much as $100 a month for service positions such as waiting. The ugly truth is two fold; on one hand the hotel doing the recruiting would rationalize the “salary” on the grounds that $100 ($100 was the high end of the salary offered, many were recruited for much less) was a fortune in Moldova completely disregarding the fact that these employees would send home at least half of their wages to sustain families and, if they were lucky (or stingy to their families), would have $50 left for shelter and some spending money in Dubai. Some hotel managers will tell you that they provided “accommodation” for these employees. Indeed they may have but you should have seen the living conditions of what could at best be described as dormitories. You tell me folks. What kind of accommodation would you get for $50 a month in Dubai? (This is a rhetorical question). On the other hand, hiring hotels undertaking recruitment trips in Moldova would rely on the services of a local recruitment company. The local recruitment company in turn would not only take money from the hotel commissioning the recruitment, but they would also take money from the candidates applying for a position. The result is that upon arriving in Dubai for work, these employees were already in debt to the tune of several hundred if not thousands Dollars.

Not content with their egregious behavior in terms of human rights, hotels would also confiscate the passports of their employees especially if they are buxom blonds. The rationale for doing that? Hotel owners complain that these girls come to Dubai to get married to rich husbands. Oh really? I say that if these girls were paid honest wages that would allow them to make a decent living, they would not be forced into working for “tips” and very often they would not be forced to marry opportunistic slobs that are otherwise allowed to prey on them.

Don’t talk to me about the oppression of women in Afghanistan. Let’s get our house in order first then we can talk about slavery and oppression in other people’s lands. People that live in glass houses….

Leave the Afghans alone to sort out their society as they see fit.–_where%27s_the_outrage/


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