Here’s a slogan for the G20 mob: What do we want? Free trade! Boris Johnson has some friendly advice for the crusty anti-capitalists soon to descend on his city.

Boris Johnson on the need to let real Capitalism have a go. For those of you that think that Capitalism has failed, nobody ever anywhere gave a go to the real thing. Setting interest rates by state mandate is not compatible with capitalism. Subsidies to industry and interest groups is not Capitalism. Tariffs are not compatible with Capitalism. Production quotas are con compatible with Capitalism.

Find me a country anywhere on planet earth that has ever given a go to the real thing. Let me save you the trouble. You can’t. You can’t because as I outlined in previous essays, the political game (regardless at which degree of the spectrum you sit at) is inherently and by necessity the art of expediency and manipulation.

Although political plurality is perceived as a noble goal denoting political and social emancipation, the inherent dynamic of plurality must necessarily culminate in an inflationary blow-off cycle as we are living today.

However, although a dictatorship could and would be more desirable under a number of moral aspects, a dictatorship is by its very nature not conducive to gathering, synthesizing and crystallizing the opinions, ideas and aspirations of a large number of members of society. Also, contrary to democracy, a dictatorship does not have to end in an inflationary blow-off cycle but it pretty much always has.

Periods of time characterized by economic, social and intellectual prosperity are to be found at the beginning and development phases of the inflationary cycle both in Democratic or Despotic societies. The difference is that whereas a Democratic society cannot influence the inevitable conclusion of the inflationary cycle, a dictatorship could but almost always fails to do so.


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