UN body OK’s call to limit religious criticism … or the inexorable march of Fascism

Anyone else find this sentence absurd? “The UN’s top human rights body approved a proposal by Muslims nations yesterday urging passage of laws around the world to protect religion from criticism.”

Talk about regress. These arrogant idiots have just about turned the clock back some 400 years. What about the human rights of humanists, rationalists, atheists or philosophers? What is criticism? Who decides what criticism is? Are we going to publish a set of parameters against which discourse will be compared to see whether or not it conforms to the rules?

People that cannot stand the heat should get out of the kitchen.

And, anyway, does God really need to be protected from nasty humans? If he does, then what makes these idiots think He’s omniscent or omnipotent or, indeed, that He exists at all?

Idiocy of the first order!



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5 Responses to “UN body OK’s call to limit religious criticism … or the inexorable march of Fascism”

  1. guidoamm Says:

    Ho! And come to that, if we ban “criticism” of religion, then I want Saudi Arabia to allow temples of worship of other religions on their territory as well as celebration of other religions’ traditions throughout the year.
    Talk about morons not thinking through their plans. What a clusterfuck of idiots.

  2. guidoamm Says:

    You raise a good point. All we can gather from the article is that: “”protection against acts of hatred, discrimination, intimidation, and coercion resulting from defamation of religions and incitement to religious hatred in general.”
    Of course, the trouble is how any of that will be defined.
    But regardless of semantics and definitions, this proposal is rife with loopholes and unintended consequences. Not to mention that it is infantile and idiotic all around. My beef is not so much what people are asking. People always ask for things to serve their own interests. My beef is with the UN. I mean, if proof were ever needed that the UN has long outlived its usefulness and has become a gravy train of self serving, corrupt and ooohhhh so obtuse criminals, this is it.
    Seriously. How many UN employees do you know (and both you and I know many) have respect for the UN? Most UN employees are there for the salary, the perks or the trips. Without mentioning that as an organization, the UN is woefully out of touch. And without mentioning that the minute the UN moves into a situation, magically and inexplicably the black market flourishes. Time to dismantle the UN.

  3. Karson Snyder Says:

    Interesting. I wonder what the exact wording is, and if the word ‘criticism’ is, indeed, used, I wonder if they define it. In the classical sense, criticism means to look at something critically, not to necessarily say there is anything wrong with it. So, if we can not ‘criticize’ religion, that means we can not examine it.

    Ergo, I shall go found my own religion based on something absurd, in full knowledge that the UN will enforce the right of my religion to not be analyzed or for people to certainly point out faults in teh religion. I guess that this will muzzle the criticism of Scientology by the German Government, eh?

  4. sulochanosho Says:

    A religion that can not stand ‘criricism’ is no rligion at all. UN has no business there.

    • guidoamm Says:

      The UN has no business in a lot of things and when they actually do have business somewhere, more often than not they bungle it up and they do so at an exorbitant price. Unfortunately, the amount of good that the UN does is grossly disproportional to the amount of money that is poured in. Anyway… thank you for reading my rant.

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