Way too much crap happening

I’ve been otherwise engaged during the past few days but when I finally caught up with the news this morning, I was overwhelmed by the steaming heap of fertilizer that has taken place over the week end. I’m short of time right now so I’ll just bunch a few articles into this one entry with brief comments.

Let’s kick off with a back of the envelope calculation of the bailout and who benefits or, more importantly, who loses. Of course, the ones that lose out are the patsies.


Rolling Stone magazine weighing in with their opinion


Talking about self serving, here are the insiders making a killing thanks to prior and exclusive knowledge…


When things appear to go well, everyone has a vested interest in looking the other way to keep things going… yes, including you… and that is the very reason politics and economics are cyclical. Government can alter the time line but cannot avert the logical conclusion. For further reading you can refer to “Is government almighty?” and other essays under “Pages” on my blog.


New World Order stuff


Deflation at work


What the hell do we want to do there exactly?


Pots calling kettles black… hypocrisy… expediency…  whatever! Geez… as if they planned to do anything different


If you think Madoff and Stanford are the end of the scandals, you have another thing coming


This is exactly what happens when governments step in to bailout and support entities that should rightly go out of business. It distorts business dynamics and takes business away from everyone else.


You may think I’m way out there. But if you think that any of this is not leading us straight down the path of global conflict, you are in denial. Our governments are acting in total contradiction to the basic rules of economics and common sense taking actions that they (self-proclaimed guardians of the moral high ground)  have always advised other countries never to take.  We the people are about to be handed our heads and, guess what! We are enabling our politicians to do it.


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