Could Be Worse: AIG Double Bonus Jeopardy

I’ve been trying to post this article since this morning but I am so enraged that I keep changing the accompanying commentary.

I am trying to be calm and highlight the absurdity of the situation our “leaders” have created. I’m trying to highlight how aberrant this man made heap of steaming shit we are forced to wade through is. I’m trying to awaken in you the sense that we are being taken for a ride and we are being robbed. I’m trying, in the calmest and clearest terms, to convey the degree to which we are being bent over and how far up our asses our “leaders” are shafting us without so much as an iota of scrupulosity.


” If the crumbling insurance giant didn’t make good on its retention packages, employees could sue the firm for at least $330 million — double the total size of the bonuses.”

Of course, the fact that these criminals should have created the circumstances to bankrupt entire countries count’s for nothing in the eyes of the law.

“I think the question will be whether or not the federal government has the power to abrogate the contracts irrespective of what the terms of the contracts provide,” Thomas said. “I think that comes down to a constitutional argument.”

Nobody mentioned the constitution last September when the Fed unilaterally decided to deem illegal the short-selling of a list of selected banks. Short-selling, of course, is a fully regulated and lawful procedure. So, where was the constitution when our positions were forcefully withdrawn and not reimbursed?

“The difficulty here is that the same people who got us into this mess, we need them to help us turn it around, and we’re doing that with taxpayer dollars,” he said.

” A source close to AIG told ABC News that AIG believed that the company needed to put retention programs in place for two reasons: When Joe Cassano, chief of the financial products unit, left in early 2008, the company was worried that other employees would follow; and at the time, around $800 million in deferred compensation had been lost, so AIG’s employees had not only seen their boss leave, but they’d also lost millions.”

If anything ever was lame-ass, this is. WHAT THE FUCK? Am I the only one that thinks that we are glossing over the fact that these are irresponsible criminals?

Guys and girls; wake up!!


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