Take note guys. This is unequivocally very, very good news. Here is how a normal economy should work. This is the way it should happen. A company makes the wrong decision and runs out of money – they sell their assets and try to patch up their balance sheet – a healthy company comes along and purchases the assets for whatever they are worth at that moment (i.e. assets are marked to market). Presto, the economy chugs along. If the original company is unable to patch-up their balance sheet then, in the same way they appeared, they disappear. This is not rocket science. Anyone that has run a business knows this is the proper way to go about things.

Is this process painless? No, of course it is not. But it is the quickest way out of the crisis and it is certainly better than propping-up failed institutions which not only rewards those that have made the wrong decisions but also takes away market share from viable companies.


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