Secret report reveals how MEPs make millions

Yet again. This is not a surprise to those whom are able to see what they are looking at. For years now I’ve been bitching and moaning about an aspect of the European parliament that nobody else seems to find disturbing. In order to satisfy the national and political ego of the thieving clowns that are our politicians, the European parliament convenes in two different cities; if memory serves they convene alternatively in Maastricht and in Bruxelles or in Bruxelles and in some other town. It is not important where they sit. What is important is the waste of resources applied to satisfiy the ego of a petulant and arrogant political elite that have abandoned any vestige of fiduciary duty to the public.

How anyone could be surprised by this article in the Times is beyond me. But then again, how anyone could be surprised about anything that is happening now is beyond me too.


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