Bunch of articles of interest

Unhappy voters jam Capitol Hill


And yet, governments around the world are cramming down our throat what most of us know, if not objectively then instinctively, that we’re being shafted without lubrication or a condom.


Obama warns of turning crisis in a catastrophe


More scare mongering reminiscent of other minions asking for “bazookas”. This is already a catastrophe. But it’s been a long time in the making and has thrown up myriads red flags along the way. For once that nothing should be done, politicians are hell bent on doing something which boils down to spending money we don’t have.


UAE halts 50% of building projects


Now, that’s a shocker!


Why is government hell bent on rewarding narcisism?



Shining a bright light on a dark 401K



US must spend to avoid mini depression


Gross talking his book again.


Hempstead Lawrence Marshll car dealership closes


One of the largest car dealerships in the USA. Along with the millions of cars piling up at ports around the world, it is a glaring indication of the degree of gross overcapacity we have fostered in the global industrial base  though unbridled and unchecked debt expansion.  Short of a war, it’ll be many years before we can absorb global output capacity in any sector except agriculture and mining.


Japanese businessman arrested for $1.5 Billion dollar scham


Ponzi schemes only work for as long as new victims can be brought into the scheme. Once the economy turns and people must reduce spending, investments are the first to go thus bringing about scarcity of new victims.


Royal Mail looks to shed 16000 jobs


When governments have difficulty raising finances, public services must be cut. With sovereign debt ratings being slashed across the world, governments will find it increasingly difficult to deliver services and… of course… to service debt. Once Europe, England and/or the USA are no longer capable to service debt, does anyone honestly believe they can declare bankruptcy?…. Anyone??… Karson?


Bank of England accused of assault on savers


And this goes back to a question that is so basic and simple to appear improbable at first blush. If the problem as it is explained to the masses, truly is the capitalization of banks, then why are our governmnts lowering interest rates?


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